RTG Membranseminar

Seminars Winter 2016/17

24.01.2017 Prof. Reinhard Jahn
MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
Membrane fusion in the secretory pathway of eukaryotic cells
10.01.2017 Prof. Ludger Santen
Saarland University
Theoretical Modeling of Membrane-Tubulin Interactions
06.12.2016 Prof. Judith Peters
Université Grenoble Alpes
Neutron techniques for the investigation of molecular dynamics under high hydrostatic pressure
08.11.2016 Prof. Matthias Weiss
University of Bayreuth
Membranes, more than just cell envelopes?
25.10.2016 Prof. Ilya Levental
University of Texas
The Biophysics of Living Membranes

Seminars Summer 2016

22.07.2016 Dr. Karel Berka
Drugs on Biological Membranes: Molecular Perspective
24.06.2016 Dr. Susanne Fenz
Hands-On Membrane Workshop
21.06.2016 Prof. Christoph Korbmacher
FAU Erlangen
Regulation of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) by aldosterone and proteases
14.06.2016 Dr. Stoelzle-Feix / Dr. Weichbrodt
Nanion, München
Measure More Membrane – Smart Tools for Ion Channel Research
24.05.2016 Prof. Matthias F. Schneider
TU Dortmund
Interface pulses, thermodynamics and the origin of biological communication and nerve pulse propagation
03.05.2016 Prof. Peter Pohl
University Linz
Osmotic water flux through channels and transporters
19.04.2016 Prof. Ralf Seemann
Saarland University/MPI Göttingen
Microfluidic Platform to Study Membrane Properties: Passive Translocation of Particles and SNARE mediated Fusion

Seminars Winter 2015/16

26.01.2016 Prof. Martin Hof
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Sphingomyelin specific triggering of in-membrane oligomerization of β-amyloid(1-40) and the inhibitory effect of monosialoganglioside GM1
12.01.2016 Prof. Samuel Wagner
University Tübingen
Assembly, structure, and function of a bacterial nanosyringe
15.12.2015 Dr. Dietmar Gradl
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Wnt signaling cascades regulating convergent extension movements in Xenopus
17.11.2015 Dr. Susanne Fenz
Würzburg University
Diffusion in Membranes: cell models and model cells
03.11.2015 Prof. Pavel Jungwirth
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Cell Penetration and Membrane Fusion: Molecular Dynamics and Fluorescence Spectrocsopy
20.10.2015 Prof. Michael Börsch
Universität Jena
Motors, gears and controls of FoF1-ATP synthase monitored by single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer

Seminars Summer 2015

23.06.2015 Prof. Helmut Grubmüller
MPI Biophys. Chemistry, Göttingen
Atomistic Simulation of Single Molecule Experiments: Molecular Machines and a Dynasome Perspective
09.06.2015 Dr. Stefanie Ranf
TU München
Immune perception in Arabidopsis via lipopolysaccharide
01-03.06.2015 Dr. Ünal Coskun
TU Dresden
1. Compositional diversity of biomembranes: From monolayers to lipid head group presentation
2. Synthetic membrane systems: Chances and pitfalls
3. Lipid-Protein interactions in basic and biomedical research
12.05.2015 Dr. Tilo Seydel
ILL Grenoble
Hierarchical molecular dynamics of proteins in crowded aqueous solutions probed by neutron spectroscopy
28.04.2015 Prof. Erik Nielsen
University of Michigan
The roles of CSLD proteins during polarized cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis

Seminars Winter 2014/15

03.02.2015 Dr. Peter Kolb
Philipps-University Marburg
GPCR-Ligand Interactions: Tailoring Selectivity and Investigating Mechanisms.
27.01.2015 Prof. Peter Reeh / Prof. Michael Fischer
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
The universal chemoreceptor TRPA1 in sensory neurons is also photosensitive
13.01.2015 Prof. Mike Dustin
Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Oxford, UK
Building the immunological synapse
16.12.2014 Prof. Markus Deserno
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Measuring elastic lipid membrane properties in computer simulations
09.12.2014 Dr. Sebastian Geibel
University of Würzburg
Type 1 pilus secretion across the outer bacterial membrane
18.11.2014 Dr. Silke Robatzek
The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

Traffic control for receptors at the host-microbe interface

Seminars Summer 2014

09.07.2014 Dr. Sigmar Stricker
MPI Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Connective tissue controls mouse muscle patterning via the extracellular matrix
25.06.2014 Dr. Kheya Sengupta
University Marseille
Membrane adhesion: Can insights from model membranes be aplied to real cells?
04.06.2014 Dr. Thomas Ott
LMU München
Protein patterning on plant plasma membranes
28.05.2014 Prof. Isabel Alves
Bordeaux, France
Study of GPCR activation and signalling by plasmon waveguide resonance spectroscopy
14.05.2014 Prof. Ilpo Vattulainen
Tampere, Finland
Concerted dynamics of lipids and proteins in cell membranes
30.04.2014 Dr. Patricia Bassereau
CNRS Paris
Transmembrane proteins shaping lipid bilayers: Curvature-induced sorting and lateral diffusion

Seminars 2013

19.12.2013 Dr. Ünal Coskun
Technical University of Dresden
Regulation of growth factor receptor signaling by direct lipid-protein interactions
24.10.2013 Dr. Jochen Hub
University of Göttingen
Interpretation of SAXS/WAXS patterns by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations
02.05.2013 Prof. Siewert-Jan Marrink
University of Groningen
Coarse Grain Modeling of Biomembrane Lateral Organization
24.04.2013 Dr. Tsjerk Wassenaar
The DAFT Approach to Membrane Protein Interactions
06.12.2012 Prof. Thomas Gutsmann
Research Center Borstel
Structure, Function, and Activity of Bacterial Glycolipid Membranes
02.02.2012 Prof. Thomas Heimburg
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Lipid ion Channels


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